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Out Here: Ace Adventure Resort

Commercial Spots: Broadcast & Streaming, Social Media Advertisements.

"What Will You Be?" Ace Adventure Resort

Commercial Spots: Broadcast & Streaming, Social Media Advertisements.

Live Like a Kid: Ace Adventure Resort

Commercial Spots: Broadcast & Streaming, Social Media Advertisements.

Client: Ace Adventure Resort

Directors: Anthony Greene & Nathan Greene

Producers: Grace Lawson, Dylan Smith

Director of Photography: Anthony Greene

A/C: Ben Amend

Grip: Rob Corbin, Matt Napier

PA: Marissa Fanary

Drone Pilots: Nathan Greene, Ben Amend

 In collaboration with Haynes Mansfield, Marketing Director at Ace Adventure Resort, we embarked on an ambitious advertising campaign for Ace Adventure Resort in 2023. With the collaboration of dozens of creatives, we created a comprehensive plan to produce three dynamic high-end commercials.


Our primary objective was to conceptualize and outline three distinct advertising spots: Gauley River Overnight, Erskine Overnight Package, and Ace Adventure Waterpark. Each spot was meticulously crafted to achieve specific goals.

For the Gauley River Overnight spot, our aim was to capture the essence of the overnight experience on America's best whitewater, juxtaposing the river's intensity with the warmth of campfire camaraderie. The Erskine Overnight Package spot was strategically designed to resonate with adventure seekers, catering to their needs and aspirations. Lastly, the Waterpark spot was intended to dispel the misconception that waterparks are solely for children, highlighting its appeal to adults.

During this phase, we engaged in brainstorming sessions, developing detailed scripts, shot lists, and storyboards for each spot. These tools not only helped articulate our vision to the client but also facilitated the planning and structuring of the upcoming shoot. Simultaneously, we worked with our producer and the client to make sure all of the logistics were squared away.



Armed with comprehensive plans and a clear vision, we transitioned into the production phase. Each shoot presented its unique set of challenges, ranging from unpredictable weather conditions to logistical hurdles inherent in outdoor settings. However, our team's experience in navigating such challenges, coupled with meticulous planning, ensured that we were well-prepared to capture the footage we envisioned.

Throughout the production process, our focus remained on achieving the highest level of quality while adhering to the established timelines. Working closely with the team at Ace Adventure Resort, we fostered a collaborative environment that facilitated creativity and efficiency. 



With filming wrapped up, we transitioned into the post-production phase, where the magic truly began to unfold.


During this phase, we focused on refining the visuals, fine-tuning the audio, and ensuring seamless transitions between scenes. Our goal was to create captivating narratives that resonated with the target audience while effectively conveying the unique offerings of Ace Adventure Resort.

Through iterative feedback loops and collaboration with the client, we honed the final cuts, ensuring that each spot met and exceeded expectations. 


As we reflect on our third season working with Ace Adventure Resort, we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a dynamic team. We look forward to continuing our partnership, pushing creative boundaries, and delivering impactful content that resonates with audiences.

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