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Mountain Music Festival - Recap Video

Website & Commercial Spots: Broadcast & Streaming, Social Media Advertisements.

Client: Mountain Music Festival

Director: Anthony Greene

Producer: Nathan Greene

Cinematography: Anthony & Nathan Greene

Editor: Nathan Greene


In preparation for the Mountain festival project, our primary objective was to encapsulate the vibrant energy of the three-day event. We aimed to capture the essence of the festival, including its music, artists, vendors, attendees, and the diverse landscape of activities. Our goal was to distill this dynamic experience into a concise and engaging 2-3 minute recap video, along with other deliverables.

To achieve this, we meticulously crafted a storyboard and schedule. These tools enabled us to approach the shoot with intentionality, ensuring that every aspect of the festival was thoughtfully captured to weave a compelling narrative.


With our plans in place, we embarked on filming over 3 days of the festival. We strategically captured moments that reflected the festival's unique charm and atmosphere, guided by our storyboard.



In post-production, we carefully sorted and edited multiple hours of footage aiming to producing a recap video and deliverables that encapsulated the festival's vibrancy. This was our third year filming this event and it carries a sort of magic that holds some of our favorite memories and shots from all of our projects.

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