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Experience the Top of WV First Hand: Top of WV CVB

Website & Scripted Commercial Spots: Broadcast & Streaming, Social Media 

Client: Top of WV CVB

Director: Anthony Greene

Producer: Nathan Greene

Director of Photography: Anthony Greene

Photographer: Marissa Fanary

Drone Pilot: Nathan Greene

Our collaboration with Rachel Keeney, Executive Director of Top of WV CVB, initiated a project aimed at encapsulating the essence of visiting the Top of West Virginia, including Brooke & Hancock Counties. Through We produced a full media package, including comprehensive video and photography assets that conveyed the unique experiences of the region.


To kick the project off, we engaged in detailed discussions with Rachel to understand Top Of WV's vision and requirements. Then we created a thorough plan on what assets to produce, and how we were going to produce them.


We embarked on an extensive exploration of the Top of WV, spending several days scouting different locations. This allowed us to not only identify planned filming spots but also discover additional scenic settings.


We developed scripts, shot lists, shooting schedules for each video, and worked with the client and local business owners and community members to facilitate the logistics, source talent, and collaborate on creative ideas.


In Production, we brought the vision we created in Pre-Production to life. Using our shot list and schedule as an anchor, we worked with the client, our talent, and local business owners to produce stunning images across multiple landscapes and locations. 


During filming, we remained flexible to accommodate changing weather conditions. With meticulous planning and execution, we captured authentic imagery that encapsulated the essence of the Top of WV.


In post-production, we curated and edited both the photography and videos based on our scripts developed on Pre-Production, crafting a narrative that reflected the region's charm.


The final product was a digital media overhaul that comprised of multiple deliverables aligned with the clients vision. Some of the final assets included video advertisements for broadcast, streaming and social media, as well as photography assets for website, print and digital.

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