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Winterplace Ski Resort: 40th Anniversary

Website & Commercial Spots: Broadcast & Streaming, Social Media Advertisements.

Winterplace Ski Resort: All Mountain Spot

Commercial Spots: Broadcast & Streaming, Social Media Advertisements.

Client: Winterplace Ski Resort

Director: Anthony Greene

Producer: Nathan Greene

Director of Photography: Anthony Greene

Photographer: Sam Adkins

Drone Pilot: Nathan Greene

Editors: Anthony Greene, Nathan Greene

   Collaborating with Winterplace was a cherished opportunity for us, as it holds nostalgic significance being a place we grew up with near our home. Drawing from our personal connection and experience in the area, we embarked on a project spanning two seasons, aimed at producing multiple commercials, a long-form video, and an assortment of individual video and photo assets.


During the pre-production phase for Winterplace Ski Resort's video and photo shoot, our team meticulously planned every aspect to ensure a seamless production process. We began by scripting and shot listing, detailing each shot to align with the client's vision and capture the essence of Winterplace's magic.


Collaborating closely with the client, we gained a deep understanding of their objectives and expectations, tailoring our approach accordingly. With a multi-day shoot scheduled, we strategically organized our time to maximize productivity while accommodating the dynamic nature of filming on mountain slopes.


Additionally, scouting various locations on the mountain allowed us to handpick the most picturesque spots for filming, optimizing visual impact. 


As we delved into the production phase, our experience in the outdoors allowed us to maneuver on the mountain top with ease, and battle the unique challenges posed by filming in snowy conditions. Despite facing setbacks such as camera malfunctions due to the cold weather, we navigated these obstacles with resilience.


By making strategic adjustments and prioritizing the safety and comfort of both talent and crew, we successfully captured the shots needed to bring our vision to life.


Following the completion of filming, we transitioned into the post-production phase. Here, we wove together a narrative that showcased the beauty and excitement of Winterplace. Through skilled editing and attention to detail, we crafted compelling digital media assets, including commercial spots for broadcast, streaming, and social media.

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