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Worth the Climb: Pendleton County, WV

Website & Commercial Spots: Broadcast & Streaming, Social Media Advertisements

Client: Pendleton County, WV CVB

Agency: New South Media Inc.

Director: Anthony Greene

Producer: Buddy Butler, Nathan Greene

Director of Photography: Anthony Greene

Photographer: Josh Lykins

Drone Pilot: Nathan Greene

Editor: Nathan Greene

In 2023 we set out on an exciting adventure with Pendleton County CVB and Buddy Butler at New South Media Inc. aimed at producing the visual elements to the "Worth The Climb" Marketing Campaign. For this endeavor we ventured on a multi-day production process where we scaled mountains, glided down streams, and descended deep into underground caves. The final product resulted in multiple riveting video commercial spots for website, broadcast, streaming and social; as well as photography elements for website, print and digital.



After conducting thorough research, we went to the drawing board to craft a comprehensive pre-production plan. We worked with Amber, the CVB Director, and Buddy, the Marketing Agency, to create a cohesive narrative for the overall storyline and vision for the "Worth The Climb" productions. This included developing a script, storyboard, and pre-visualizations to present to the client for approval.

We scouted multiple shooting locations, hand-picking the most scenic and beautiful options, and the best representations for both the county and the campaign. We worked with local organizations, businesses, and specialists to make sure we were able to capture everything necessary for the shoot.


During production, we adopted an expedition mindset, embarking on a journey to capture the essence of Pendleton County's diverse landscapes and activities. Over the course of multiple days, we engaged in a variety of outdoor adventures, including climbing to the summit of Seneca Rocks & NRocks, navigating streams, hiking to the highest point in WV, exploring caves, biking on North Fork Mountain Trail, kayaking in Smokehole Canyon, and the vibrant night-life at the cidery & tap-house.


Despite the challenges of these rugged environments, we remained committed to capturing every moment. Because of our unique expertise in the outdoors, such as rock climbing, mountain biking and river rafting, we were able to capture a unique perspective and craft a beautiful final product.


In the post-production phase, we meticulously curated and edited the footage and imagery captured during our shoot. We hired and directed a voice actor to bring together and complete the commercial.


Through careful editing and attention to detail, we delivered video and photo assets that resonated with the audience and effectively promoted the destination's attractions and activities.

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